Kendal Tools & Machinery

Kendal Tools & Machinery
Here at Kendal Tools & Machinery we are proud to supply a range of equipment including Bandsaw Blades, Woodworking Machinery, Table Saws, Bandsaws, Planer Thicknessers and Mitre Saws among others.
We are specialist suppliers of: Bandsaw Blades, Band Saw Blades, Charnwood Table Saws, Scheppach Machines, Scheppach Wood Machines, Scheppach Plunge Saws, Scheppach Table Saws and many more. Please visit out website: for further details. Alternatively you can contact us on: 01539 733774.

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Wood Dir
Wood Dir makes up for a quality website manual edited directory that features UK fitted furniture businesses that define the industry. If you want to see in the glimpse of an eye what are the most important fitted furniture businesses operating in Britain then be sure to check and browse through the categories present on this manual edited website directory. Wood Dir is a website manual edited directory that many have been waiting for. If you are tired of huge directories that make up in quantity what they lack in quality then you are in a good place because Wood Dir is a manual edited directory that doesn’t look for quantity, but for quality and maybe that’s why only a handful of businesses are currently listed.

MDF cut to size

MDF cut to size
At Woodpecker Wood Works the clients will pay only for what they need. The company offers professional MDF cut to size on a large number of tones and thickness. The team works fast, with no mess, and no off cuts, providing materials on the highest quality. Customers have the option to make the order online, where they can select a product from a wide range of colors, thickness and sizes.