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Book hotel meeting rooms online – KIVA
KIVA SOLUTIONS formerly known as Meetings Suite, the best platform to book hotel meeting rooms instantly and online. KIVA SOLUTIONS is a website offering a meeting room booking system that enables users to hire venues and book meeting rooms in real-time. Avoid the hassle and shorten the process of booking a meeting room near you by using the online meeting room booking system offered by KIVA SOLUTIONS.

Venues in London

Booking Platform for Venues in London
Kiva Solutions is a meeting room search and booking engine offering users the option of finding business meeting locations, venues in London, venues in Manchester. Take advantage of advanced meeting room scheduling capabilities and meeting facilities near you by using Kiva Solutions meeting room booking system.

Vienna Kang Advocates

Vienna Kang Advocates
Vienna Kang are based in the Midlands with offices situated in Solihull, Leamington Spa and Nuneaton, although they represent clients throughout the whole of the UK.

They are specialist criminal defence solicitors who provide legal representation and advice in cases of criminal law but they also cover areas related to employment law, family law and immigration law too.

The Vienna Kang legal team, which includes solicitors and barristers, have appeared on regional and national television and have also been heard on radio and seen in the print media, offering expert opinion and analysis of various topical legal issues.