Software and apps

Arction and its product LightingChart provide real time rendering capacity of their WPF and SilverLight charts way above the average of the competitors. LightningChart is the fastest charting data and visualisation components available on the net with features including on-tile map layers, DirectX rendering for best performance and a gauges features available free of charge.

SciChart WPF Charts is a software company that developed a WPF Chart component for easily being able to create the best WPF 3D Charts in a fast manner. Don’t worry if you’ll have trouble learning how to use this tool because the website is containing countless WPF Chart Examples, WPF Bubble Charts, WPF Polar Charts and many more. In addition, when you purchase a license of this software you will receive world class support from the team over a period of at least a year, with the possibility of extension. As of SciChart v4 we now support DirectX powered WPF 3D Chart Controls including Real-time WPF 3D Surface Mesh Chart, WPF 3D Point-Cloud Chart, WPF 3D Scatter Chart, WPF 3D Bubble Chart, 3D Column Chart and more … Our WPF 3D Charts are both real-time and interactive and allow zooming, panning, rotating of a 3D scene seamlessly inside a WPF Charting application, all using declarative XAML and MVVM as WPF was intended to be used.